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  1. Fire Protection District No. 4
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Fire Protection District No. 4
Proposition No. 1
Multiple Year Levy Lid Lift - Permanent

The Board of Yakima County Fire Protection District No. 4 adopted Resolution No. 2018-04 concerning a proposition to maintain and adequately fund District operations.  This proposition authorizes the District to establish its regular property tax levy at an amount not to exceed $1.42 per $1,000.00 of assessed valuation for collection in 2019 and authorizes annual increases of up to 5% for each of the five succeeding years to provide adequate funding for staffing, training, capital projects, and equipment.  The maximum allowable levy in 2023 shall serve as the base for subsequent levy limitations as provided by Chapter 84.55 RCW. Should this proposition be:


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For questions about this measure, contact:  Mark C. Emery, Fire Chief, 509.457.8615, m.emery@ycfd4.org