Providers & Partners

  1. Breast, Cervical & Colon Health Program

    Find information for healthcare providers about Yakima's Breast, Cervical, and Colon Health Program (BCCHP).

  2. Developmental Disabilities Program

    Resources, evaluation, case management and advocacy for developmentally disabled individuals, their families and community partners who provide services for DD persons.

  3. Health Advisories and Alerts

    Health Advisories and Alerts that are distributed to Yakima County Providers and Community Partners.

  4. Health District Bulletins

    Informative publications for Yakima County health professionals with timely information about public health issues and current disease statistics.

  5. HIV/AIDS & STDs

    Find resources for HIV/AIDS and STD treatment for healthcare providers.

  6. Notifiable Conditions

    Per WAC 246-101, certain conditions must be reported to local public health. Find out when and how to report certain conditions.

  7. RSV & Flu Stats

    Read through current statistics provided by area hospitals.

  8. Tuberculosis Reporting

    All suspected of confirmed active tuberculosis disease must be reported immediately to the Yakima Health District.

  9. Vaccines for Children (VFC) Program

    The VFC program is a federal entitlement program that eliminates cost as a barrier and improves immunization levels, and is a critical funding source for vaccines.

  10. Zika Virus

    Find information for Healthcare providers regarding the Zika Virus.