Land Use Applications and Guides

Application Intake Guide

General Land Use Process
The general land use process diagram (PDF) provides a step by step understanding of the application process. 
Types of Review That We Do
  • Type 1 - Permitted Uses - allowed subject to review. This type of review does not require Public Comment or a Public Hearing.
  • Type 2 - Administrative Uses - generally allowed depending on compatibility with surrounding uses. This type of review does not require a Public Hearing.
  • Type 3 - Conditional Uses - generally not allowed but may be permitted at a particular location. This type of review requires Public Hearing.
  • Type 4 - Quasi-judicial Applications - include minor rezones and preliminary long plat. This type of review requires a Public Hearing and Board of County Commissioner Approval by Resolution.
Application Form for Type 1 - 4 is located under  Conditional Use

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