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Jennifer Richter, Recording Supervisor
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Phone: (509) 574-1330
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The County Auditor is the custodian of all recorded documents, including, but not limited to deeds, mortgages, judgements, liens, plats, surveys, marriage licenses, etc.

The significance of recording a document is to give notice of the subject matter of the document to the public.

Once recorded, a document becomes part of the official records of Yakima County and is considered a permanent record. The Auditor's responsibility includes: receipt of the document and related recording fees, indexing of the document and maintenance of the document in order to provide research and copy capabilities from the recording date forward.

Currently, an optical imaging system is utilized to index, scan and store the image of each document that is recorded. The scanned image of each document is retrievable for viewing and copying of the full document. Documents recorded from mid-February 1997 to date are imaged. Documents recorded prior to February 1997 are retrievable on microfilm.

The following link describes the archival records housed at the Central Regional Branch from Yakima County Government and from select Municipal Governments located in Yakima County.