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DUI Court

Yakima County Courthouse DUI Office, Room 225
(509) 574-2670


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Our Mission

The mission of the Yakima County DUI Court is to promote public safety through intensive court monitored treatment and assistance of high risk repeat DUI offenders by utilizing a collaborative approach which demands accountability of the offenders, court and treatment providers while focusing on public safety and a measurable reduction of DUI offenses.

Yakima County continues to experience as many or more fatality collisions as other more populous counties having more licensed drivers and vehicles. Although Yakima County is number seven in the state for population, it ranks fourth in the number of drunken driving deaths. In 2007 Yakima County experienced a fatality collision rate of 2.32 per million miles traveled. This is compared to a statewide rate of one fatality per million miles traveled. In 2009, District Three (south central and southeast Washington) had 51 fatality collisions, the highest number of fatalities of any Washington State Patrol District. Thirty-two of those occurred in Yakima County. Fifty-five percent of those drivers were impaired compared to the statewide rate of 30% (Washington State Patrol data June 22, 2010). Yakima County had 8,858 individuals charged with DUI or Physical Control (PC) from 2006 to 2010. Of these individuals, 3,824 or 43.17% had at least one prior DUI/PC charge.

District Court Probation reports that they receive an average of 114 DUI referrals a month with an average of 52 of those referrals being repeat DUI offenders. The Yakima County District Court DUI Program is committed to using resources to identify, treat and hold accountable those adults who have been charged with a DUI/or Physical Control. DWI Courts are an effective tool to combat the hardcore impaired driver. DWI Courts are accountability courts, holding the hardcore impaired drivers accountable for their decisions; decisions made before the arrest – to drink and drive, and decisions made after the conviction – to comply with a court order. The Ten Guiding Principles for DWI Courts


Our Goals

The goals of the program are to: provide integrated substance abuse treatment with participant accountability as measured by enhanced supervision and Court monitoring; identify non-violent DUI offenders who are third and fourth time offenders early and get them into the program quickly; provide alcohol case management treatment and assessment; monitor drug and alcohol abstinence as measured by random urinalysis testing; and provide community referrals towards education, medical, housing, employment, mentoring and volunteer programs.

Our Committment

Yakima County District Court DUI Court Program is committed to using resources to identify, treat and hold accountable those adults who have been charged with their third and subsequent DUI/Alcohol Related charge, and who volunteer for the program.

Yakima County District Court DUI Court Program is committed to public safety by reducing the number of deaths, and serious injuries that result from traffic crashed on Yakima County roads.

DUI Court Program

Yakima County DUI Court is a court-supervised program for non-violent DUI offenders. DUI Court is a special court that processes qualified alcohol-using offenders through supervision and treatment. This is a voluntary program that includes comprehensive treatment, supervision and regular court appearances before a designated DUI Court Judge who oversees your progress and compliance throughout the duration of the program.

Participants are normally third or fourth time DUI offenders and must meet the eligibility requirements for DUI Court.

DUI Court is an eighteen month program, separated into three 5 month phases and the fourth phase being 3 months.  Each phase is designed to develop self-awareness, realize self-worth, teach responsibility, and accountability. Emphasis is made on effective thinking and decision-making skills.

Program fees are $1800.00 to the participant along with any cost recovery at no more than $1500.00 to be paid prior to graduation from the DUI Court Program.

Upon acceptance, participant will plead guilty to the DUI or alcohol related charge and complete a pre-determined amount of jail time as part of the DUI Court Program requirement along with participation in treatment and supervision.

Upon successful completion of the DUI Court Program, participant will withdraw his plea of guilty to the DUI or alcohol related charge and plea to the amended charge of Reckless Driving.