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DUI Court

Yakima County Courthouse DUI Office, Room 225
(509) 574-2670

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DUI Court Program Graduations


  1. Six continuous months of alcohol abstinence as measured by urinalysis and breath tests.
  2. Full payment of DUI Court Program fees and restitution, if ordered.
  3. Graduation from MRT.
  4. Six continuous months of full-time employment, full-time school attendance, a combination of work and school or three continuous months of full-time parenting with care of children, or part-time work or school together with parenting responsibilities.
  5. Successful completion of GED, high school diploma, and/or other DUI Court issued requirements.
  6. Successful completion of exit interview with the DUI Court Team.

Each graduation in the DUI Court Program is a significant event. In recognition of the importance of your success, DUI Court will take the time to make graduation ceremonies reflect the significance of your accomplishment. For graduation, there is a party and public recognition.