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DUI Court

Yakima County Courthouse DUI Office, Room 225
(509) 574-2670

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Defendant is charged with DUI/Physical Control and is on the docket for a preliminary hearing.

1. Prosecutor determines if defendant meets eligibility criteria for DUI Court Program (DCP) and advises defense counsel if defendant meets eligibility criteria.

2. If defendant intends to pursue DCP then defense counsel should file the following prior to court:

3. In DUI Court at the time of acceptance defense counsel should prepare the following for the court:

If defendant is currently scheduled for hearing on a criminal docket but wishes to pursue DUI Court sooner, you may file a “Note for Motion to Calendar” along with the other forms listed above, with the DUI Court Program Coordinator. DUI Court is every Tuesday afternoon at 3:00pm.
If you are currently scheduled for a hearing on a criminal docket within a week or so you may at that hearing time ask to be reset to next DUI Court docket where you will then file your paperwork.

Forms are available through our webpage  http://www.yakimacounty.us/districtcourt/ or through the DUI Court Program Office in Room 225.  File your paperwork with Tamra Williams, the DCP Coordinator.

4. Once referral paperwork is filed, defense counsel will provide defendant contact information for screening and assessment along with copy of referral paperwork.

5. Defendant’s case will be moved from the criminal docket and scheduled on the DCP docket where the defendant shall appear for court weekly until the screening & assessment process is completed and participation determined.

6. The filing of all the referral paperwork must be done no later than the 30 days from date of arraignment, which should be around the time of the 1st status conference.



  1. Defendant will be responsible for making contact with treatment provider for screening appointment.  If in custody, defendant will be advised of how screening will take place.
  2. In addition to the alcohol screening, the treatment provider will complete a “Personal Information Screening” and “Financial Screening ” form provided to them by the Court, and enter the personal information into the DCCM program.
  3. Once completed, the “Personal Information Screening” form and “Financial Screening” form should be filed with the Court.
  4. As a part of the screening process the treatment provider will review the DCP Participant Handbook with the defendant and a release should be signed and forwarded to the court.
  5. After review of screening results, treatment provider will present recommendations to the DCP team at the next team meeting.


Team will determine whether defendant should proceed to assessment.