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Yakima County Superior Court Trial Schedule

Click here to find the list of cases pending trial in Yakima County Superior Court for the next few weeks. (Updated March 12, 2012.)

This list will be updated periodically. We are providing this list to assist attorneys in preparing their cases for trial. However, the status of these cases will change during the week. If you are a witness for the State on any of these cases, you should follow the instructions on your subpoena to get updated information regarding the trial.

New Discovery Procedures

Effective January 1, 2011, our office sends discovery only through the Internet. Click here for the new electronic discovery procedures.

Speed Measuring Device Certificates

Click here to find certificates for speed measuring devices for use in criminal and infraction cases where a violation of the speed limit is alleged.

Yakima County Superior Court Trial Dates Schedules

Click here to find the new schedule for setting trial dates in Yakima County Superior Court cases for all cases through the end of 2012. (Updated November 10, 2011.)

Spanish Rights Recordings

Looking for a Spanish translation of Miranda and the DUI warnings? Click here. These are recordings of the 2009 DUI Arrest Report form.

Yakima County Bail Bond Justification

The Yakima County Superior Court and the Yakima County District Court have a justification policy for all bail bonds over $50,000 posted on cases in those courts. Click here copy of the policy.

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Updated March 12, 2012