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How to Become a Prosecutor

To become a prosecuting attorney, you generally must have degrees from a four-year undergraduate college and from law school, which usually takes three years to complete. Attorneys are not required to take any specific subject in college or law school. However, prosecutors must be able to speak and write logically and clearly. Students wishing to become prosecutors may take a variety of classes, such as English Literature, History, Political Science, and Government, that encourage writing and speaking well. In law school, students obviously should take classes related to criminal law.

You must take and pass the examination given by the Washington State Bar Association. To learn more about the bar examination, or if you have already been admitted to practice law in another state, please contact the Washington State Bar Association at 800-945-WSBA or for admission requirements.

The Yakima County Prosecutor's Office does not have job openings for prosecuting attorneys on a regular basis. If one of our prosecutors leaves the office, or if a new position is created, we will post the opening with the Yakima County Human Resources Office. You may complete an application even if there are no current job openings -- it will be considered at the next opportunity.

To be considered for employment as a prosecutor with the Yakima County Prosecutor's Office, you must be licensed to practice law in Washington and have a driver's license. Criminal law experience is desired, but not expected. If we have no job openings, you may wish to consider working as a volunteer prosecutor without pay to gain experience.

If you are interested in working for our office as an intern or volunteer, please contact Terri Jackson by email at: Please include a cover letter and resume.

If you have questions about the Yakima County Prosecuting Attorney's Office, please send a message to

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Updated December 14, 2012