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Yakima County Planning

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The Yakima County Planning Commission is a seven member citizen body appointed by the Board of County Commissioners to make recommendations to the board on long-range planning for the unincorporated areas under County land use jurisdiction.  A separate Regional Planning Commission is appointed by the cities of Yakima, Union Gap and the County to serve the Yakima Urban Growth Area.   

The County Planning Commission reviews proposed changes to the comprehensive plan and related ordinances, and makes its recommendation to the Board of County Commissioners. 

The Yakima County Planning Commission meets regularly on every second Wednesday of each month at 5:30PM in the First Street Conference Room, 223 North First Street, Yakima.  There may be additional meetings during intensive periods of study, public hearings and deliberations. 

The County Planning Commission conducts public hearings on such proposed changes to Yakima County's Comprehensive Plan (Plan 2015) and ordinances and hears public testimony prior to making its recommendation.

PUBLIC MEETING Rules of Procedure

  • All persons speaking to the Commission shall approach the microphone and identify themselves by name, address and whom they represent (if other than themselves).
  • All comments shall be directed to the Chair.
  • Testimony shall be kept factual and on the subject. At the onset of any item of business, the Chairman may limit the length of testimony. The Chair is charged with the responsibility of discouraging and stopping irrelevant, unnecessarily long, repetitive or abusive testimony.  Time permitted, additional opportunity will be provided for additional public comments after everyone who so desires has had an opportunity to speak.
  • The audience shall not interrupt testimony.
  • Speakers shall not question one another; instead, a question shall be addressed to the Chair.  Upon request of a consensus of the members, the Chair may allow direct questioning of an expert witness who has previously testified on behalf of an opponent or proponent, or other business before the Commission.
  • If written statements are made, a copy shall be presented to the Secretary/Clerk of the Commission.