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Hearing Canceled
Applications for Sand and Gravel Mining Plans Withdrawn


Jason Earles, Yakima County Senior Project Coordinator - 509-574-2300
Tommy Carroll, Yakima County Public Services Long Range Planner - 509-574-2300
Lisa Freund, Yakima County Public Services Administrative Supervisor - 509-574-2300
Yakima, WA – Yakima County has canceled the December 16, 2010 public hearing concerning a 605 acre sand and gravel mining proposal on Konnowoc Pass after the proponent withdrew the applications. The hearing, scheduled for 9:30 AM before the Hearing Examiner at the Yakima Convention Center, was to consider an appeal by the mining proponent, DeAtley Natural Resources, LLC, of the County’s determination that an Environmental Impact Statement would be required prior to further consideration of the proposal.

According to County officials, the hearing was canceled after DeAtley Natural Resources, LLC, withdrew applications that it had submitted in January for the mining proposal on Konnowoc Pass and for one on Rutherford Road involving 185 acres. Both proposals requested the County to amend its Comprehensive Plan to designate the properties as Mineral Resource areas and to rezone the properties from Agriculture to Mining.

As a result of the withdrawals, neither project will receive further review by Yakima County. “We have closed all files related to these two proposals,” stated Steve Erickson, Yakima County Planning Director. The file numbers for the Konnowoc Pass proposal are ZON2010-10, SEP2010-14, and APL2010-06. The file numbers for the Rutherford Road proposal are ZON2010-09 and SEP2010-13.


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