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Plans for the 3/10th of a Penny

The basic plan on our use of the Proposition #1, 3/10th of a Penny funds:

1. Hire up to 14 deputy positions, (depending on proceeds). Eight to be assigned to respond to calls for assistance. Three deputies assigned to a “Quik-Pik” squad. These deputies will be able to keep closer tabs on sex offenders, combat our intolerable gang and drug problems and other evolving issues. One detective assigned to family violence crimes. One detective assigned to identity theft and computer related crimes and one Lieutenant to coordinate agency-wide training, grants, accreditation, and research and development.

Update 7/19/05 - Hired Deputies Stearley and Rojas on 5/1/05. They started the Criminal Justice Academy on 5/10/05 and are scheduled to graduate 9/15/05.

Update 7/19/05 - Hired Lateral Deputy Klise on 5/9/05, he is currently in the Field Training stage.

Update 7/19/05 - Hired Deputy Cantral on 7/1/05. He started the Criminal Justice Academy on 7/6/05 and is scheduled to graduate on 11/9/05.

Update 3/11/05 – we were able to fill two vacancies that are protected by the 3/10th funds. Deputy Conger was hired 12/1/04 and Deputy Jackson was hired 2/15/05.

Update 3/11/05 – Thirty-four Deputy applicants successfully passed the written test, we sent the top 20 applicants to oral boards and are currently processing the top 8 candidates and hope to hire 3 three deputies for the May 10th academy. These deputies will graduate from the academy on September 15th and will spend approximately three months riding with a training officer. At that time they will be released from formal training and sent out on regular patrol.

Update 3/20/06 – Hired Deputy Flaviano Miranda on 2/13/06.  He started the Criminal Justice Academy on 2/23/06 and is scheduled to graduate on 6/29/06.

Update 3/20/06 – Hired Deputy John Greenough on 12/6/06.  He started the Criminal Justice Academy on 1/19/06 and is scheduled to graduate on 5/25/06.

Update 3/20/06 – Quik Pik Squad, tested for and selected Sgt. Engquist to head the Quik Pik squad.  Tested for and selected Deputy Peterschick and Deputy Wuitschick as members of the Quik Pik squad.

2. Train and equip 2 existing deputies to become active members in the Yakima Police Department Emergency Response Team (ERT).

Update 6/9/06 - Deputies Moore, Peterschick and Wuitschick successfully completed the testing process for the Yakima Police Department SWAT team.  They are currently undergoing training and have already responded to several SWAT team callouts.

3. Train and equip 2 existing deputies to become active members in the Lower Valley Emergency Response Team.

4. Purchase a bar-coding system to track all evidence and property received by the Sheriff’s Office.

Update 6/9/06 - The evidence bar-coding system has been selected, purchased and will be installed by the end of June 2006. 

5. Purchase a video enhancement system to assist on our investigations involving video or digitally recovered evidence.

6. Purchase document-imaging equipment so that units in the field can have ready access to protection orders, no contact orders and other official documents.

7. Purchase an automated vehicle locator system for all of our vehicle units or portable radios for improved dispatching and officer safety in the field.

Update 6/9/06 - The automated vehicle locator system has been selected, purchased and is currently being installed in the Sheriff’s Office vehicles.


The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Agency certified by the State of Washington and has dedicated itself to C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Services).

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