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Sheriff Press Release

On 11/24/13 at about 1700 Hrs, assistance was requested from the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Swift Water Rescue and Marine Boating members who are equipped with dry suits to wade out to an island on the Naches River in the area of Hwy 12 and North 16th Avenue.

An hour or two earlier there had been a report by someone on the Greenway of a suspicious object there on the island. There was a rolled up sleeping bag/blanket there and the way that it was rolled up, the caller believed that there may have been a body inside of the blanket.

Both the Yakima and the Selah Police Departments had responded to the scene. Officers could see the rolled up sleeping bag but were not able to get to the island to investigate further because of the cold and swift running water in the area.

Four members of the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office Swift Water Team responded to the scene. Two of them members donned dry suits (to keep them dry and warm in the near freezing water). There was ice forming along the banks of the river.

These two members waded out to the island while the two other members provide bank support.

The pink colored sleeping bag was checked. The bag was empty. The bag was removed.

It is assumed that the sleeping bag was deposited there on the island earlier in the year when the water was higher.

Deputy Scot Swallow
Yakima County Sheriff’s Office
Marine Patrol Unit

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