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Crime Prevention

NOT IF the burglar comes, but when. Because, say the statistics, the burglar is coming. Down your street. And looking for easy targets.

Burglars look for easy targets because they're not professionals, as a rule.  They're amateurs... looking for easy targets.  Enough easy targets to make residential burglary one of the fastest growing crimes in recent years.

These pages are designed to help you avoid making your home look like an easy target.  There are simple, basic security  measures that will make your home less inviting and, in so doing, cause the burglar to look elsewhere for an easier target.

Follow the links to see how to make your home and your family more secure.

Home Security

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Home Security




The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Agency certified by the State of Washington and has dedicated itself to C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Services).

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