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Dog License
Animated Dog

1822 S. 1st St., Yakima, WA 98903
Licensing Information: (509)574-2420

Animal Control Officer Information: (509)574-2420

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Licensing Rules:

Newly acquired dog: within 30 days or the date the dog reaches 6 months of age

New to Yakima County: within 30 days

Dog licensed by another jurisdiction outside of Yakima County: within 30 days of residency

Dogs licensed by another jurisdiction within Yakima County: valid for calendar year (Dec.31)

Licensing Prerequisites:
Dogs are required to have a current rabies vaccination, but proof of vaccination and spay/neuter is not required at time of licensing.  Although, owner must sign application stating such.

Licensing Cost:

Spay/neutered dogs:
  1 Year tag: $15.00
  3 Year tag: $37.00

Unaltered dogs:
  1 Year tag: $ 30.00
  3 Year tag: $ 78.00

Replacement tag: $ 5.00 (Must be applied for at Sheriff's office).

Senior Lifetime tag: $25.00
Senior citizens (62+) may license spay/neutered dogs for the lifetime of the dog.
(No senior citizen discount for unaltered dogs).

All seeing eye, hearing or handicapped support dogs are licensed with a lifetime tag at no charge. Must apply for at Sheriff's office.