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Off Road Vehicle Information Title
Answers to your questions about ORV's in and around Yakima County

Riding Areas & Restrictions | Required Equipment | Suggested Equipment

Areas You Can Ride -

Vacant Lots - Find out who owns the land and ask for their permission to ride on the land. If you don't you are guilty of trespass (going onto someone's property without their permission). Just because there's not a fence around it doesn't mean you have the right to ride there. The biggest complaint about ORV's running near houses is the NOISE and DUST. The noise bothers everyone. Don't ride near houses. Clean air regulations govern the amount of dust that can be created. Violations of clean air regulations can carry stiff fines.

Washington State DNR, WDFW and some Private Land (Department of Natural Resources / Department of Fish and Wildlife) - ORV's are permitted on marked DNR, WDFW roads and trails. View the law as it pertains to Off-Road and Nonhighway Vehicles  46.09 RCW

Any person can operate any ORV on DNR / WDFW roads and motorized trails with the following:


Forest Service Roads - All USFS roads that are maintained including paved, gravel, or dirt have been declared PUBLIC ROADS by the Washington State Attorney General's Office. You are required to have all of the equipment a regular vehicle has to have to operate on the roads.

This includes:

Nearly 1,000 miles of trail are open to motorcycles. Check the Ranger District information for the trails that are open to motorcycles. Please note that 3 and 4 wheel ATV's cannot use motorcycle trails. Riders of these are asked to use the wider jeep trails, or in some areas designated ATV trails.

Areas You Cannot Ride -

Roadways - Only licensed street vehicles may ride on, cross or ride the shoulders/ditches of roadways.

Canals - Riding along canals is prohibited. These roads are for maintenance and canal operations, If you are on them, you are guilty of trespass.


Required Equipment -


Suggested Equipment

Trail Tools

Trial Bikes / ATV's


Prepared by Yakima County Off-Road Vehicle
Education and Enforcement Program

The Yakima County Sheriff's Office is an Accredited Agency certified by the State of Washington and has dedicated itself to C.O.P.S. (Community Oriented Policing Services).

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