Bridge Construction Project



Annual Construction Program & Equipment Replacement List

Annually adopted program stating current year’s construction projects and operational equipment replacement as approved by the Board of County Commissioners.

Six-Year Transportation Improvement Program

Annually adopted priority list of county transportation projects including project description, location, cost, projected/actual funding sources, and projected construction timeline.

Yakima County Trails Plan (2014)

County Commissioner-adopted plan addressing current and future plans for trails, parks, and open spaces within Yakima County and its municipal jurisdictions

West Valley Neighborhood Plan

The West Valley Neighborhood Plan provides guidance for the physical growth and development of the western portion of Yakima's Urban Growth Area through 2025.  As a supplement to the Yakima Urban Area Comprehensive Plan 2025, it expresses the community's choices for the future development of land uses, zoning, streets, trails, parks, utility extensions, and for other public services and facilities.

YVCOG - 2009-12 Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Improvement Program

The Yakima Valley Metropolitan and Regional Transportation Improvement Program (MTIP/RTIP) is a three year programming document derived from the more comprehensive six-year Transportation Improvement Program developed and adopted annually by local agencies.

YVCOG - Yakima Valley Metropolitan & Regional Transportation Plan (2007-27)

20-year, long range transportation plan intended to establish a future vision for the region and provide the means toward achieving it.

YVCOG - Yakima Valley MPO/RTPO Annual Report

Details how the Yakima Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) and Yakima Valley Regional Transportation Planning Organization (RTPO) used state & federal transportation planning funds during previous year.

YVCOG - Unified Planning Work Program (UPWP)

Outlines how state and federal funds will be used for transportation planning purposes by the Yakima Valley Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO), and the Yakima Valley Regional Transportation Organization (RTPO). Each year WSDOT, Federal Highways Administration and Federal Transit Administration have emphasized areas they would like to see included in our work program.

County Road - Standard Plans Index / Typical Road Sections

County approved and standardized roadway cross sections (urban and rural), road repair specification schematics, and design drawings for street, sewer, storm water, and domestic water features within the county road system.

County Road - Road Naming and Site Addressing Ordinance (4-2007)

In accordance with RCWs 36.32.120 and 36.75.040, the Board of County Commissioners of Yakima County adopted this ordinance to update and clarify county road naming and site addressing policies and procedures for roads and lands within unincorporated Yakima County.

County Road - Traffic Control Devices Ordinance

Generally updated bi-annually, this county commissioner approved ordinance amends the Yakima County Code providing for the erection and maintenance of certain traffic control devices on roads outside incorporated cities and towns within Yakima County.

County Road - Speed Zone Ordinance

Generally updated bi-annually, this county commissioner—approved ordinance amends the Yakima County Code in establishing the maximum speed for all vehicles traveling upon certain county roads or parts of such roads outside incorporated cities and towns within Yakima County.

County Road - Project Bid Specifications (Varies)

Project-specific contract specifications and contractor bidding directions for Yakima County Public Services administered public works projects.

County Road - Project Information Folios (Varies)

Project-specific information pamphlets providing general project information (project description, location, cost, funding partners, planning and construction timelines, existing and proposed conditions, etc.) on Yakima County administered public works projects.

County Road – Traffic Control Plan Checklist

An attachment to the “Right of Way Use Permit”, the checklist states basic requirements of a Traffic Control Plan (completed by the applicant) when requesting to work within county right-of-way (i.e., signage, flaggers, etc.)

Yakima County Bicycle Event Checklist & Ordinance 9-1998

To insure safe and consistent permitting, approval, and operation of biking-related events in Yakima County, this checklist provides common conditions for event planning and execution. Ordinance 9-1998 provides the legal amendments to the Yakima County Code to establishing bicycle-related guidelines, conditions, and regulations for bicycle events on county roads.

DRYVE & TRANS-Action Transportation Action Committee Packets

Consortiums representing and advocating for rural (DRYVE) and metropolitan (TRANS-Action) transportation Infrastructure investment, by our federal & state legislators, these packets represent funding requests for a variety of high priority transportation projects throughout Yakima County. Both groups are comprised of elected officials, business, services agencies, and private citizens interested in improved transportation systems.

TRANS-Action – “Upper Yakima Valley Corridor Revitalization” Plan

Completed in 2009, this plan addresses visual elements along the SR 12, SR 24, and I-82 Corridors around the metropolitan Yakima area to stimulate economic development, ignite community pride, and enhance the tourism experience. TRANS-Action will submit this plan to Yakima County, WSDOT, Moxee, Selah, Union Gap and Yakima for ratification.