Cowiche Sewer District
Commissioner, Position 2

  • Description of Office
  • Joe N. Trepanier

Sewer Districts

Yakima County has two sewer districts, Cowiche and Terrace Heights. Each sewer district is governed by a three-member board of commissioners who serve regular (6) year terms.

Sewer districts are established to acquire, construct, maintain, operate, develop, reorganize and regulate a system of sewers, including treatment and disposal plants.

A system of sewer means and includes: Sanitary sewage disposal, storm or surface water sewers, outfall for storm or sanitary sewage and facilities for sanitary sewage treatment and disposal.

Joe N. Trepanier

It has been an honor to serve as a Commissioner for the Cowiche Sewer District for the past twelve years.  I look forward to continuing to serve for the durations of the next term.  Thank you.