Selah School District No. 119
Director, District 1

  • Description of Office
  • Norma J. Smith

School Districts

Yakima County is divided into 17 separate school districts, each governed by a
five-member board of directors who serve regular four (4) year terms. Their responsibilities focus on four areas: Quality of instruction, district planning, policy development and communications. Directors are local policy makers and serve as a link between the school system and the public.

Board members are elected in a nonpartisan general election by all voters within the school district. They receive no salary. Board members are partners in a management team and share in a variety of management decisions from fiscal accounting, employment of teachers, educational materials, and facilities to transportation services.

School directors are called upon to be leaders in the following areas:
     √ assessing and reflecting the educational needs and values of the community;
     √ developing an educational philosophy;
     √ establishing school district goals;
     √ providing for program development activities;
     √ reviewing the financial needs of the districts;
     √ assuring systematic review and evaluation of all phases of the school program

Norma J. Smith

I've found serving on the Selah School Board as a member a very stimulating and informative experience.

I would appreciate your vote to allow me to continue the projects that our school district has initiated.

It is my intent to represent you with the business of Selah School District #119 involving you, your students and all Selah School District patrons, fulfilling our core purpose to ensure high levels of learning for all students.

Thank you.