Sunnyside School District No. 201
Director, District 2

  • Description of Office
  • Michelle Emery Perry

School Districts

Yakima County is divided into 17 separate school districts, each governed by a
five-member board of directors who serve regular four (4) year terms. Their responsibilities focus on four areas: Quality of instruction, district planning, policy development and communications. Directors are local policy makers and serve as a link between the school system and the public.

Board members are elected in a nonpartisan general election by all voters within the school district. They receive no salary. Board members are partners in a management team and share in a variety of management decisions from fiscal accounting, employment of teachers, educational materials, and facilities to transportation services.

School directors are called upon to be leaders in the following areas:
     √ assessing and reflecting the educational needs and values of the community;
     √ developing an educational philosophy;
     √ establishing school district goals;
     √ providing for program development activities;
     √ reviewing the financial needs of the districts;
     √ assuring systematic review and evaluation of all phases of the school program

Michelle Emery Perry

My name is Michelle Emery Perry and I am a 5th generation Sunnysider.  A lot of good work has been done in the district in the last four years but we still have gains to make.  I plan on focusing my attention on fiscal responsibility, district transparency, community and family involvement and equal opportunities for all of our students.  I will continue to push for more music and arts in our schools and I will continue to ask the tough questions.  Thank you for your support.