SKIES is the "Services, Knowledge & Information Exchanged System". It is used by WorkSource offices and affiliates statewide as a case management and reporting system. SKIES was developed by Employment Security Department, and is administered by them. SKIES Information -State Website

South Central WDA SKIES Access Policy

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Minimum Requirements for SKIES Access
User Access Profiles

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Request a New User or De-Activate a User

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SKIES System Access Approvers

Only SKIES System Access Approvers will have authority to submit a request to the South Central Workforce Council’s Security Administrator. The following is a list of offices with SKIES System Access Approvers:

WorkSource Columbia Gorge WorkSource Goldendale Affiliate
WorkSource Sunnyside WorkSource Yakima
WorkSource Kittitas County / Ellensburg Wapato Workfirst
DSHS/DVR South Central Workforce Council
People for People WorkSource Toppenish Affiliate
OIC of Washington  

Minimum Requirements for SKIES Access

The following conditions must be met for all SKIES users:

  1. User’s agency or organization is a recognized WorkSource Partner Agency as evidenced by a signed WorkSource Memorandum of Understanding with the local Workforce Development Council (WDC) or has a contract with the WDC or Employment Security Department to provide WIA services and has access, disclosure and security requirements written into a SKIES Data Sharing Contract;
  2. User’s agency or organization has a signed SKIES data sharing contract with ESD;
  3. User has completed SKIES training;
  4. And, User has signed the SKIES Notice of Non-disclosure.

Do not submit requests for SKIES System access, unless all of the above conditions have been met. Access Approvers can contact the South Central Workforce Council’s Security Administrator to assist in verifying the above information.

User Access Profiles

It is the responsibility of the SKIES System Access Approver to assign the user access profile. The appropriate user access profile is to be assigned to each SKIES user based on the individual’s business needs. The profiles are as follows:

Staff - For use by direct-service staff for case management and service tracking. Allows full insert, update and delete access to most fields.

Read only - For staff who need “view” access only. Does not allow insert, update or delete access.

Reception - For use by front-desk staff. Access is limited to simple initial data entry, address changes, and correspondence.

Correspondence - Allows Access to create correspondence templates.

Employer Admin - Allows users to create employer records.

Employer Merge - Allows users to merge employer records.

Other User privileges

Supervisor - Allows assignment of staff to a customer.

Discover All - Allows access to WSMIS reports. (Recommended for Management only.)

Extended Edit & Reports - Enables management reports.

Program Editor - Allows editing of seeker demographic data in program.


Procedure to Add/Delete/Modify User Access

The South Central Workforce Council’s Security Administrator will provide an electronic request form to the designated Authorized Approver for each office. This form will be used to transmit all information needed to process a request to add, delete or modify a SKIES user. The South Central Workforce Council will process these requests. Each request will be checked to verify that all conditions for SKIES access have been satisfied. Upon approval of the request, the user will be added, deleted or modified in SKIES as requested, and the Authorized Approver and user will receive notification of the action taken. SKIES Access Approvers must notify the South Central Workforce Council’s Security Administrator immediately of any users they wish to delete.