If you need assistance or cannot find the information you are looking for, please call 574-2300, Monday through Friday, 9:00 am to 4:30 pm.  Please have your tax parcel number handy to give to our staff members as Land Use (Zoning), Critical Area/Wetlands, Floodplain, Floodway, etc. Varies by parcel.

Permit Applications

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Permit Applications

Do I need a permit?
Generally, all types of work require a permit.  (Some typical examples are shown below.) If you have a question on whether or not you need a permit, please call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a project coordinator.

  • New homes
  • Remodeling, repairs, additions, alterations to any structure
  • Garages, pole buildings, or wood frame structures
  • Accessory buildings, sheds
  • Commercial buildings
  • Installation of wood/pellet stove, gas inserts, either new or change-out
  • Change-out of mechanical equipment
  • Swimming pools (in ground or above ground)
  • Propane tanks over 60 gallons, either a new tank or a change-out
  • Grading & excavation

How do I get a permit?
Permit applications for Mechanical (MEC), Plumbing (PLM) and Fire Code (FCP) can be accessed on our web site hereFor all other permits, contact (509) 574-2300.

If you do not have access to the web site, you can pick up the necessary permits at: Yakima County Courthouse fourth floor, 128 North 2nd Street in Yakima.  Office hours are 9:00 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you have questions, please call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a Project Coordinator. 

How long does the process take?
The length of time varies according to the size and scope of the project and the current work load. 

Initial plan review for Residential projects is typically complete within 3 weeks from the time your application is deemed complete. Depending on the completeness of the plans submitted, additional information (re-review) may be required.  Other Divisions and approvals may take longer.

Are complete plans required for all work?
Two (2) complete sets of plans are required; however, plan requirements may differ for the type and size of construction projects.  To ensure you have the proper application(s) and plan submittal requirements, call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a Project Coordinator.

How far away does my building have to be from the road or my neighbor’s property (setback requirements)?
Setback distances are parcel specific due to zoning regulations and the type of structure.  Call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to Project Coordinator.

Can I pay for my permit online?
No.  Currently our system is not capable of accepting payments on-line; however, we do accept VISA or Master Card payments as well as checks and cash in our office.  To schedule an intake appointment, please call (509) 574-2300.

What is the status of my building permit application or plan review?
Call your Project Coordinator at (509) 574-2300.  Upon receipt of your application, a project number and case number(s) are assigned.  Please have the project or case number handy so your Project Coordinator can access your case.  If you do not have the project or permit number(s), the parcel number and/or address can be used.

I need to go over my building plan review comments with a plans examiner.
Plans Examiners are not available to “walk you through” the entire comment list.  If you have several issues to discuss, you will need to make an appointment with a plans examiner.  For a specific question, call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to the plans examiner assigned to your project. 

What inspections are required?
Footings, foundation wall, plumbing, framing, mechanical, insulation, wall board, and final.  Other inspections may be required.  Refer to the bottom of your permit.  To schedule an inspection, call our Inspection Line at (509) 574-2370.

Electrical inspections are completed by the Department of Labor and Industries at (509) 454-3760.

My permit is almost expired, can I get an extension?
You need to complete an extension request form which is available in our office or it can be e-mailed/faxed to you.  Please call (509) 574-2300 to request the form.

My permit has expired, can it be reinstated?
You need to send a letter to:  Yakima County Public Services, Reinstatement Request, 128 N. 2nd Street, 4th Floor, Yakima, WA  98901. Depending on when your permit expired, reinstatement may not be approved.  If approved, a reinstatement fee is required. Please contact our office for further information (509) 574-2300.

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Permit Records

I lost my permit or need to obtain a copy of my permit.
Call (509) 574-2300, and provide your name, address, and parcel number.  If you remember your permit project and/or permit number, that would be helpful.

How can I obtain a list of recently issued building permits in Yakima County?
Information is available on our web site.

How do I find out if a permit has been issued on a property?
Call (509) 574-2300 and request a Public Disclosure Request (PDR) form.

I need a title elimination for my manufactured home, how do I accomplish this?
Complete a Title elimination form.  Instructions for completing the form are available on the Manufactured Home Application Instructions.   Should you have questions, please contact us at (509) 574-2300.

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Code Enforcement

How do I file a complaint regarding junk vehicle/s, property issues, zoning issues?
Complaints must be submitted in writing.  Call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to Code Enforcement. 

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Other FAQ's

I opened a new business, do I need an inspection?
Fire and Life Safety inspections are required for businesses in Yakima County. 
Depending on the zoning of your parcel, a “Change of Use” or Land Use permit may be required.  Please contact our office at (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a Project Coordinator.

Does my daycare/childcare home need an inspection?
Fire and Life Safety inspections are required for all daycare/childcare facilities with more than 6 children.  If you have fewer than 6 children and require an inspection for licensing purposes, a one-time inspection can be scheduled but will not result in an annual fire and life safety inspection.  To schedule, please call our Inspection Line at (509) 574-2370.

How tall can my fence be?
Building permits are not required for fences to a height of six (6) feet.  However, fence height requirements may vary depending on the zoning of your parcel and location of your fence (i.e.: front, side, rear yard, near roads, etc.).  For height requirements, please contact a Project Coordinator at (509) 574-2300.

I am purchasing an engineered building, or designing a building.  What are the design criteria (snow load, wind load, seismic zone, and/or soil bearing capacity)?
You will need to speak to a plans examiner.  They will need your parcel number.  If you do not know your parcel number, the Assessor’s web site has parcel information or call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a Project Coordinator.    

I have a question related to the building code, and/or building construction requirements.  This is not a land or property use issue.
A plans examiner may be able to answer your question.  You need to be as specific as possible.  General or vague questions may result in inappropriate information.  Building code books may be available at the public library, or may be purchased from the International Code Council (ICC) or the Washington Association of Building Officials (WABO)  The State Building Code Council  may be able to assist you.

Is my parcel in the County or City?
You can find the information on the Assessor’s web site.  Enter your address or parcel number.

Where do I get a fireworks permit?
Fireworks are illegal in Yakima County.  If you are a licensed pyrotechnical operator, a permit is required to conduct a public show.  Call (509) 574-2300 and request to speak to a Project Coordinator.

Can I burn garbage/trash?
Burning garbage and trash is illegal.  Burn barrels are not permitted in Yakima County.  Contact Yakima Regional Clean Air Agency at (509) 834-2050 for more information.

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