Commissioner Appointed Boards


Aging and Long Term Care - Provide the director of Aging with feedback on local concerns, serve as a liaison between the director and their local governing boards (Board of Yakima County Commissioners), take part in planning activities, act as advocates for senior and long term care issues and make recommendations on such issues as funding distribution among counties, local contractor selections for service provision and quality enhancement.
Current Board Members are:

Fred Bichl – Chair

12/31/16 (2)

Doris Thomas

12/31/14 (2)

Arizona Falls

12/31/15 (3)

Soledad Rodriguez

12/31/15 (3)

Helen John

12/31/16 (3)

Miguel (Mike) S. Esquivel

12/31/16 (2)

Donna Hilstrum

11/08/14 (3)


Alcohol and Substance Abuse Advisory Committee - Serves in an advisory capacity by conducting public meetings and public hearings for the purpose of gathering information to determine the needs and priorities of county citizens regarding alcohol & drug treatment and prevention.
Current Board Members are:

Bryan Barnhart Chairperson (1) 12/31/14
Angus Tate Vice-Chairperson (2) 12/31/16
Candy Walla Walla Position 3 12/31/16
Glen Warren Position 4 12/31/15
Diana McClaskey Position 5 12/31/16
VACANT Position 6  
Ed Becker Position 7 6/30/15
Sid Paganelli Position 8 6/30/15
Janet Bassell Position 9 12/31/14
VACANT Position 10  
Kathryn L. Temple Position 11 12/31/14
Vacant Position 12 12/13/16
Michael Cunningham TX Liaison n/a

Benton County Mosquito Control District — Resident of Yakima County with mosquito control knowledge/experience. The Board manages and directs the operations of the district whose mission is the control of mosquitoes within the Benton County Mosquito Control District.
Current Board Members are:

Dennis Byam


Boundary Review Board — Boundary Review Boards are mandated by state legislation; optional in Growth Management Counties. BRBs have jurisdiction over municipal annexations, incorporations, and creation or annexation of certain special districts & boundary changes.
Current Commissioner Appointed Board Members are:

Jim Sewell


Jo-Ellen Thomas


Glenn Rice


John Puccinelli


Board of Equalization — Independent Board created to hear property tax appeals on Assessor's determination of assessed valuations and to equalize property.
Current Board Members are:

Denise Clark 10/31/14
Pieter Sybrandy 12/31/15
Arvel Hale 12/31/16
Ralph Huck 12/31/16
Tiera Girard  

Civil Service Commission— Make suitable rules & regulations which shall provide in detail the manner in which examinations may be held; give examination testing; conduct hearings & investigations; hear & determine appeals or complaints; certify names from the register to fill vacancies; and keep records in the administration of the commission.
Current Board Members are:

Bernie Kline


Arthur Campbell


Jeff Boutwell


Emergency Medical Services Board - This Board's sole purpose is to advise the commissioners on DEMS operations (budgeting; funding sources, including EMS levy and grant writing; strategic planning, including DEMS facilities and capital equipment; and ensuring quality EMS educational programs and delivery method) to ensure quality provision of EMS to the people of Yakima County.
Current Board Members are:

Jerry Davis - Chief


Phil Nelson


Tamera Pettis, RN


Jim Merritt


Juan Acosta, DO

No end date

Micah Cawley – Mayor


John Gawlik


Dave Lynde


Les Riel


Tim Smith


Jim Restucci


Health District Board – In partnership with the community, the Yakima Health District protects and promotes the health and quality of life for residents and visitors of Yakima County through prevention and control of disease and potential health hazards.
Current Commissioner Appointed Board Members are:

Rand Elliott 12/31/14
Maureen Adkinson 12/31/16
Mike Leita 12/31/16
Kevin Bouchey 12/31/16
Vacant 12/31/12 (4)
Gail Weaver*** 12/31/16
Barbara Harrer 12/31/14

Horticultural Pest and Disease Board – Sustaining our economy by alleviating pest and disease problem that impact the quality of tree fruit grown here in Yakima County.

Brad Newman

Jeff Upton

Darrin Belton

Mike Bush

Jose Villanueva

Mike Willett

Mike Klaus

Keith Mathews

Robert Meyer

South Central Workforce Development Council - help job seekers and employers with career assessment, job matching, skill building and job placements at six convenient locations in our four-county region

Francisco Guerrero 12/31/2015
VACANT 12/31/2012
Becky Gellerson 12/31/2015
VACANT 12/31/2012
Debbie Byrd 12/31/2015
Jesse Rodriguez 12/31/2015
Steve Hart 12/31/2015
Denny Newell 12/31/2015
Leanne Liddicoat 12/31/2015
Gregg Broyles 12/31/2014
Eileen Fielding 12/31/2014
Linda Kaminski 12/31/2014
Brian Lenz 12/31/2014
Barbara Cosner 12/31/2014
Carolyn Dresker 12/31/2014
Dennis Flabetich 12/31/2014
Mike Rogel 12/31/2014
Kevan Montoya 12/31/2014
Sergio Gallegos 12/31/2016
David McFadden 12/31/2016
Christine Cote 12/31/2016
VACANT 12/31/2013
Peter Finch 12/31/2016
Marcia Henkle 12/31/2016
Mark Todd 12/31/2016
Ian Grabenhorst 12/31/2016
Rockey Marshall 12/31/2016


Yakima County Mosquito Control District Board - The Board holds regular business meetings, takes all necessary steps for the abatement of mosquitoes, annually determine the amount of money necessary for operation of the district and set the assessment rate required.
Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area - offers a variety of recreation programs for youth and adults in the Selah community.
Current Board Members are:

Paul Weaver

12/31/2014 (2)

Raymond Cyr

12/31/2015 (1)

Kenneth Kroger

12/31/2014 (2)

Merle Wareheime

12/31/2015 (1)

Mitchell Rohlfs

12/31/2015 (1)

Yakima County Planning Commission - The Commission recommends long range planning policies and development standards for unincorporated areas of Yakima County.
Current Board Members are:

Zella West – Chair


Ed Burns


Patrick Rawn


Nancy Charron


John Crawford
Gary Ekstedt


Al Schweppe


Yakima Valley Regional Library Board – Adopts by-laws, rules, regulations and annual budget, supervises care and custody of library, employs Librarian, purchases books and materials, leases building and acts as necessary for the orderly and efficient management and control of the library.
Current Board Members are:

Del Rankin 12/31/17
Pam Perryman 12/31/17
Glenn Rice 12/31/18
Melba Fujiura 12/31/14
H.E. "Jerry" Maggard 12/31/16

Yakima County Water Conservancy Board - The Board rules on applications for volunteer water rights transfers. All decisions are subject to review by the Department of Ecology.
Current Board Members are:

Jeff Stevens*** 9/6/15 (6)
Dave Brown 9/6/19
Mark Reynolds 9/1/17
Dave England 7/26/17
Sylvia Cervantes  

Yakima County Noxious Weed Board - Board is authorized to hire employees, assign duties, offer suggestions, & develop a program to comply with county policy and state weed laws.
Current Board Members are:

Dave Murray


Mark Herke


Steve Hert


Tom Mains


Rodney Jones


Frank Hendrix


Yakima County Clean Air Authority - Our Vision Statement is for all those who reside in, visit or neighbor Yakima County to enjoy continuously improved air quality. This vision is realized by the establishment and maintenance of collaborative partnerships with those we serve by: Exceptional internal and external customer service; Simple and effective permitting; Fair but firm compliance assurance; and Easy access to expert guidance and information.

Steve Jones 12/31/16
Rand Elliott 12/31/14

Yakima County Veteran’s Advisory Committeeprovide guidance on programs to ensure all Veterans and their families have the information and access they need to Federal, State, and Local services offered to them.
Current Board Members are:

John Abercrombie 9/13/14
Yarziry Carbajal 12/31/16
Robert Herin 12/31/14
Luz Hufstrader 12/2017
Andrew Pease 12/31/15
Victor Stiner 12/16
Benancio Garcia III 12/31/16
Donald Christianson 12/17
Jeremie Dufault 12/31/16
John Rimel 11/23/14
Raymond Navarro Jr.  12/31/15


Selah Parks and Recreation Service Area - offers a variety of recreation programs for youth and adults in the Selah community.

Scott Smeback  
Keith Larson  
Richard O'Brien  
Jeff Gaskel  
Frank Rowley  
Dave Veley *** 12/31/14
Don Szolomayer  

S.I.E.D Board- Yakima County’s Supporting Investments In Economic Development (SIED) board program was created 12 years ago and has since invested over $21 million dollars to support business and economic development projects throughout Yakima County. The program is often used as a resource to help companies defray costs of extending roads and other public utilities to their new facilities.

J. Rand Elliott 12/31/14
Kathy Coffey 12/31/15
Bill Huibregtse 12/31/14
Gary Clark 12/31/14
Ben Shoval 12/31/16
Jerry Kobes 12/31/14
Jeremie Dufault 12/31/15
Jim Sewell 12/31/16
Amber Hansen 12/31/14
David McFadden na

Yakima County Personnel Committee-

Zella West 12/31/15
Ed Burns 12/31/17
Ashley Garza 12/31/17
Nancy Charron 12/31/16
Gary Ekstedt 12/31/17
John Crawford 12/31/17
Michael Shuttleworth 12/31/15