Do you want to quit smoking?

(Option: Know someone who is trying to quit smoking?)

Seattle’s Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center is launching a new study which may be able to help. Participants will be randomly assigned by computer (like flipping a coin) to one of two online smoking cessation programs. The goal is to learn which program is the most effective at helping people quit.

Participants in both programs will receive:

• Interactive tools for dealing more effectively with urges to smoke
• Step-by-step guides for quitting smoking
• Personalized plans for quitting and remaining smoke free
• Electronic links for reaching one-on-one expert help for quitting

Participants will be asked to complete online questionnaires, including a brief six-month follow-up survey. There is no cost for participating in this study, and participants will not be paid. Risks and eligibility requirements are described on the study’s website.

To enroll in this study, please visit