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Yakima County Department of Corrections

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Video Visiting Rules

104 N 1st Street, Yakima, directly in front of the Jail

Main Facility and Annex

Frequency of Visits:

Number of Visitors:
Limitations on the number of visitors who visit are imposed to prevent crowding in the visiting room(s) or to eliminate difficulties in supervising the visit. Each Inmate may have up to two visitors per session. Children count as a visitor.
Visitor Entry into Facility:
All visitors shall be required to identify themselves with proper identification. Proper Identification is defined as any valid Federal or State issued ID card or passport.  
Visitor Registration:
All visitors shall be required to register on the Visitor Registration Form provided for this purpose. Only scheduled visitors may visit. Registration on this form shall require the name and address of the visitor, the relationship of the visitor to the inmate, and date and time of the visit. Visitors shall not enter any areas of the facility except approved routes to and from the visiting areas, and shall not linger in or upon facility property at the conclusion of the visit.
 Clothing – Visitors – All Facilities:
Appropriate Clothing/Dress: In order to maintain a positive environment for all inmates and visitors, a reasonable clothing standard must be established. Visitors are encouraged to wear clothing that is conservative in nature in order to maintain a respectful visiting environment. Some types of clothing are prohibited to maintain the security of the facility.



Visitors with small children will be permitted to retain one baby bottle, one diaper, and one blanket per child. :  No cell phones or food or beverages allowed in Video Visiting. Lockers are provided for cell phones.

Visiting privileges can be suspended or revoked at any time if these guidelines are not followed.