DRYVE - Driving Rural Yakima Valley's Economy


Bailey Ave. Extension (Phase II) - Provides better access to Cherry Hill Golf Course and more efficent access to I-82 from the county road system.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Mabton P&R) - Promotes and supports carpooling.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Sunnyside - 16th Ave)
- Improves Farm to Market, school, and multi-modal access in north-central Sunnyside.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Toppenish - E. McDonald) - Improves movement to school, freight, agriculture, industrial , and commuter traffic in and around I-82, SR 97, and SR 22.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Fort Rd.) - Improves access to Washington Beef, Pistoresi Trucking, WSDOT Maint. Facility, Yakama Nation Legends Casino and other current and future tribal developments.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Zillah 1st Ave) - Route is primary access from Interstate 82 to Zillah Central Business District, schools, and public services.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Granger-Truck Route) - City of Granger is developing industrial area near location. Will reduce freight traffic on Bailey Avenue and SR 223.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Grandview - Euclid) - Improves safety and access to southern Grandview Areas and rural county.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Rail & Freight Mobiity) - Improves movement of freight, agriculture, schoolbus, and commuters.

2010 DRYVE Project Folio (Rural Transit) - Project could utilize existing transportation infrastructure to facilitate the movement of both local and visiting people b/n communities throughout the valley. Would provide a viable alternative for travel to work, school, shoping and regional tourism.