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Current Projects:

Currently, we are coordinating with other counties, cities and agencies across Eastern Washington to provide statistical analysis and geographic data.

 MCH (Maternal and Child Health)

This project is in cooperation with the Maternal and Child Assessment workgroup in Yakima County. Recent projects include analyzing pre-natal care and birth record data. The goal of this project is to better understand the health of the maternal and child population so services are targeted to areas of need. We have the ability to map these results to obtain a geographic view of public health issues in the valley.

 Other Counties

Lincoln County - The GIS Department helped set Lincoln County up with their own GIS. A customized ArcView project has allowed Lincoln County to update their road coverage and building footprints as well as view this information. They also have the ability to re-print their 911 road atlas with the new updates.

Klickitat County - This project consisted of helping Klickitat County create a parcel coverage. This time consuming process involved reading legal descriptions and going off old plat maps to enter parcel lines and information to update their parcel coverage.

Kittitas County - Grant County - Walla Walla County - Franklin County - Benton County - Lake Roosevelt Forum - Over the past several years we ortho-rectified aerial photography for these counties/areas.

 City of Othello

The City of Othello was interested in getting their auto cad files into Arcview and also updating their building footprints with vital information. Their auto cad layers were converted into shapefiles and a customized Arcview project was created. An editing tool was also created so that new building information could be added and the building table updated. Once their information is added, the GIS Department will develop a way for them to produce reports.

Irrigation Districts

We set up several irrigation districts (Roza, Sunnyside, Yakima-Tieton) with GIS. We had to convert their CAD files into a GIS format or digitize paper maps. They will have the ability to view and print county land information along with their own infra-structure. They use a customized Arcview project to maintain and edit their GIS coverages.













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