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Geographic and Statistical Analysis




  • Are you thinking about getting started with geographic information systems (GIS) or global positioning systems (GPS)?


  • Do you have a GIS but are dissapointed or frustrated with what you can do with it?


  • Confused about what hardware or software you should buy?


  • Wish you could hire a programmer/analyst but can't afford a full-time employee?


  • Need some large size wall maps printed but don't have a large format printer?


  • Have a stack of valuable paper maps slowly deteriorating?

If these are the kinds of questions you have you need to talk to us about GIS. We have done it all before, from converting paper maps into digital form to setting up complete systems and providing training. We are in a unique position to help local government agencies because we are local government. No high priced consultants, just experienced local folks who know what works in city and county government.


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