Center for Geographic and Statistical Analysis

The Center for
Geographic and Statistical Analysis



The Center is a Yakima County program aimed at assisting other agencies and organizations use geographic and statistical information.


Often times smaller counties or cities cannot afford the startup costs associated with geographic or statistical information systems, that's where the Center comes in. We act like a cooperative, helping others get set up, converting their data and maps and providing training and tools so they can use geographic information systems effectively and efficiently


We help organizations create and use geographic information systems to meet the needs of their customers and communities. This is done by:

Assessing existing systems and making hardware & software recommendations

Creating new base maps and data specifically for your needs

Designing menus to allow your staff to quickly and easily become proficient with GIS

Developing internet based mapping solutions to allow the public convient access to land information.

Processing aerial photography. We can work in conjunction with the Washington State Department of Transportation to provide you with affordable ortho-rectified aerial photography.

Analyzing existing data (almost any kind of data)

Creating new data bases specifically for your needs

Designing surveys for quality control and program evaluation

Establishing systems to automate reporting

Determining client service areas

Providing demographic estimates tailored to your needs


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