The Geographic Information Services department is currently working on the following:

GIS On-line Mapping Project.

The on-line service provides a streamlined way for community members to easily access information that previously was only available at the county's offices. The on-line mapping services provides parcel, zoning, and environmental information as well as aerial photos of most of the county.

Visit the GIS On-line Mapping web page.

Aerial Photographs

We currently have orthophotography from 1992, 1998 and 2002 covering the inhabited areas of Yakima County along Interstate 82 and the major highways. We also are in the process of rectifying 2005 imagery that was flown in June 2005. This imagery will be available in January 2006.

Visit the Aerial Photography Page for additional information. 

Recreation Guide Map

We have been working with the Yakima County Sheriff's office and other government agencies to create a detailed recreation map. This maps shows topography, roads, recreation trails (i.e. snowmobile, bike, horse), campsites, and game management units.

 Visit the Recreation Guide Map page for additional information.

Election Results Atlas

Have you ever wondered how local geography and politics are related? Our election results atlas will soon be available to provide answers. We are working to create a document that will geographically depict the election results within each voting precinct. The product will be useful to elected officials, future political candidates, legislators, and other interested parties.

 Visit the Elections Results Atlas Page for additional information.


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