Yakima County Voting Results Atlas

Yakima County 2000 General Election

The Yakima County Voting Results Atlas is now available. The Voting Results Atlas geographically displays the results from 6 Ballot Measures and 20 Positions of Office in the November 2000 General Election.

The County is broken up into 6 different areas: Upper Yakima Valley, Yakima Metropolitan Area, City of Yakima, Mid-Yakima Valley, Lower Yakima Valley and County. Each area shows one of 26 Measures/Positions.

A pie chart in each voting precincts depicts the percentage of votes that each initiative or candidate received. The percentage is based on the total turnout to the polls for that precinct. The total voter turnout is shown in the middle of each pie chart.

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The Voting Results Atlas can be purchased in the Auditor's Office (Room 117 of the Yakima County Courthouse) for $45.00. A PDF version on CD can also be purchased for $25.00. The CD Version requires Adobe Acrobat Reader on your PC in order to view it.

If you would like either the printed version or CD version sent to you, please send your requests and payment ($48.50 and $28.00 respectively) to:

Yakima County

Geographic Information Services

128 N 2nd Street, Room 421

Yakima, WA 98901

Please make checks payable to: Yakima County GIS

If you have any questions about the Yakima County Voting Atlas, please e-mail us.

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