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About Grants Management

The Department of Grants Management provides grant accounting support for the Department of Employment and Training, Community Services, Office of Aging & Long Term Care and the Lower Yakima County Rural Enterprise Community. Grants Management is involved in all aspects of the funding cycle for a particular award, including proposal preparation, award negotiation, monitoring, and reporting. We remain involved until the grant award is considered financially closed. Grants Management works closely with County departments (Aging and Long Term Care, Food Services, Employment and Training, Community Services and the Rural Enterprise Community) in the financial administration of grant awards made to Yakima County. In addition, we maintain official contract and grant files, answers specific requests regarding the proper administration of individual contracts and grants, and acts as liaison with the awarding agency to assure that all agreements are administered in keeping with applicable terms and provisions.

Accounting Analysis

Provide fiscal review of grant awards and contracts.

Analysis and monitoring of revenue and expenditures to verify that they are within policy, authorized, and properly accounted for according to local, State and Federal regulations, legal requirements, underlying agreements, program objectives, and the terms and conditions of the grant award.

Analysis of general ledger and other fiscal records to reflect accurate accounting and distribution of revenue and expenditures to appropriate accounts.

Analysis of disbursements and receipts.

Analysis of plan to actual expenditures for contracts and grants.

Maintenance of financial information for forecasting receipts and disbursements to invest grant funds.

Analysis of cash flow and investments decisions.

Validation of the accuracy and completeness of records or accounting documents.

Reconciliation of expenditures verses revenue received.

Contract Monitoring

Upon notification of a funded award Grants Management will establish contract and grant accounting systems to ensure project compliance. In addition, Grants Management will establish report formats on the SFG system to provide departments with on-line capability to access more current information between report dates. Specific services provided:

Monthly monitoring of contractor’s revenue and making adjustments if needed.

Monthly monitoring of program income and matching share and allocating them to the appropriate grant.

Maintain system of contracts and records that contain information pertaining to grant awards, authorizations, obligation, obligations, unobligated balances, matching share and program income.

Fiscal review of all contracts.

Evaluation of financial controls and adherence to County, State and Federal policies and procedures.

Serve as the liaison for funders’ site visits.

On-site audits of organizations receiving grant funds for direct services.

Preparation of reports showing the results of audit activity, findings and recommendations.

Special monitoring reviews as directed.


Grants Management provides accounting support to the overall budgeting processes for grant funded departments including the biennial budget and the annual payroll and operating budgets. Specific services provided:

Analysis of potential and actual variance to budget and inform departments of causes and recommend solutions.

Analysis of planned to actual expenditures.

Development of budgets for grants and contracts.

Development of budget revisions and reallocations.

Development and implementation of the cost allocation plan.

Development and maintenance of special budgeting reports for management review.


Grants Management designs and prepare reports to inform management of current and cumulative charges against his/her grant which forms the basis of periodic fiscal reports and billings made to the granting agencies. Specific services provided:

Preparation of internal summaries and financial reports to help the directors keep an accurate account of his/her budget, pointing out surpluses as well as insufficiencies by budge line item.

Preparation of external reports for the State, Federal, and local Government.

Preparations of close-out of grant awards.

Preparation of special reports as needed.


Annual analysis and reconciliation of revenue and expenditures.

Preparation of annual Statements of Financial Assistance.

Serve as the liaison to government agencies during the annual State Audit.

Grant Application Preparation & Review

Once a department has made the decision to submit a grant application, Grants Management will assist in the financial aspects of the submission. Specific services provided:

Consultation on preparing the budget.

Identifying potential problems in the financial administration of the proposed project (and options for addressing the problems).

Identifying and recommending appropriate sources of cost share.

Interpreting grant award guidelines.

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