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Yakima County's Nitrate
Treatment Pilot Program

Providing water treatment systems, education and technical assistance to households with individuals at high public health risk from nitrate contaminated wells.

Frequently Asked Questions


Who is eligible for this program?
What is nitrate?
Who is considered a high public health risk from nitrate?
Why are pregnant women, infants and others at high public risk?
How can I be considered for a free or low-cost treatment system? 

Water Quality Testing - Q&A

Why should I test my water?
How do I have my water tested?
Where do I go to get my water tested?
How much does the water test cost?
What do my test results mean?

Program - Q&A

Why are you offering this program?
How will you decide who gets these systems?
How many systems are available through this program?
What is the deadline to apply?
If I am eligible, when will I hear from you?
What cost does the program cover? What costs will I have to pay?

Nitrate Treatment Options

Reverse Osmosis
Distillation Unit
Anion or Cation Exchange Unit
Bottled Drinking Water

Fact Sheet on Reverse Osmosis (RO)Treatment Considerations (limitations, costs, operation & maintenance)

What are the limitations of a reverse osmosis (RO) treatment system?
What are the maintenance requirements of an RO treatment system?

What are the costs?

What is a reverse osmosis (RO) system? How does it work?

Where is it installed?
What type of maintenance is required?
I am a renter. Can I have the system installed, or will my landlord (homeowner) do it?
What are the ongoing costs of the system? Who pays for that?
I can't afford any of this. What next?
Does the system protect me from all the "bad stuff" in my water supply?
What happens if I have high nitrate and don't do anything about it?
If I have questions, who can I talk to?