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Speed Measuring Devices

Updated March 5,2013

Below is a link to each speed measuring device (SMD) certificate that we provide to defendants in cases where a speed measuring device - radar, laser, or lidar - was used. These certificates are provided here instead of sending a copy in each case where requested. Please review the certificate here, or download a copy for yourself.

Each SMD is identified by the agency (Grandview Police Department, Moxee Police Department, Selah Police Department, Tieton Police Department, Washington State Patrol, and Yakima Sheriff's Office (YSO)), the serial number for the SMD, and the date of the latest test and calibration. Each certification is valid for the manufacturer's recommended two years. The testing and calibration may nevertheless be done more often as a precaution.

Grandview Police Department

Moxee Police Department

Tieton Police Department

Union Gap Police Department

Washington State Patrol

Please visit for all current certifications of speed measuring devices maintained by the Washington State Patrol. (Effective 10/3/11.)

Instructions for getting the certifications:

  • Click on “Search for a Speed Measuring Device Here”.

  • Enter the Tag number of the SMD include the “L_____” or “R_____” prefix in the search.

  • This will bring you to the SMD Device Details and Certification History.

  • In the Certification History area select View Certificate for the certification date you are interested in. You will be able to view and print an IRLJ 6.6 Certification with Attachment “A” in PDF format.

  • Below Certification History is Display Maintenance Archive. This is the original maintenance record that has been archived in PDF format. Click on Display Maintenance Archive to view/print the archive record.

Yakima Police Department

Yakima Sheriff's Office

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Updated March 5, 2013