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Washington Offenses

Updated October 25, 2011

These bail schedules contain offenses valid in the jurisdictions in which our office prosecutes.
Feel free to use and share them.
If you notice any errors or omissions, please contact Susan Arb.

State-wide Offenses - Microsoft Word (Version 97 - 2003)

State-wide Offenses - Adobe PDF

Notes about the state-wide bail schedules:
  • UPDATE: This bail schedule is the final version for 2011. All temporary RCWs have been replaced by the permanent RCWs, and a few errors have been corrected. This will be the last bail schedule until the summer of 2012.
  • These include felonies, gross misdemeanors, misdemeanors, and infractions effective throughout the state.
  • Some offenses (particularly those dealing with the ocean) are not included because they do not apply in Yakima County (sorry!).
  • Check the effective date for each offense. Some offenses are not yet effective. If there is no effective date, it has been effective for at least all of 2011.
  • Yakima County has a local court rule that requires all persons arrested for domestic violence crimes be detained without bail until the arraignment the next judicial day. Check with your own court for other local practices for domestic violence crimes.
  • In the Microsoft Word versions, the Index at the beginning contains hyperlinks to each section. Hold down the Ctrl key when clicking on the section name to jump to that section of the bail schedule. In either version, you can also search quickly for any offense by pressing Ctrl-F and typing what you are seeking (it must be exactly as written to find the offense).

DUI Grid 2011 - Adobe PDF
This chart, prepared by AOC, provides mandatory sentences for convictions of DUI and Physical Control While Impaired committed after July 22, 2011.

Yakima County Offenses - Microsoft Word Version
The Yakima County bail schedule contains offenses effective only in Yakima County.

Grandview Offenses - Microsoft Word Version
The Grandview bail schedule contains offenses effective only in the City of Grandview.
Looking for a Spanish translation of Miranda and the DUI warnings? Click here. These are recordings of the 2009 DUI Arrest Report form.

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Updated December 14, 2012