Benefits Information

Salary: Salary is listed on the job announcement. For those positions having a salary range, appointments are normally made at the minimum step. All salaries are subject to regular review. 

Retirement: Regular employees participate in the Public Employees Retirement Plan or the LEOFF Retirement Plan. Employees and Yakima County contribute jointly to the plan. A voluntary tax deferred supplemental retirement plan is also available at the employees expense.

Paid Leave: Currently, regular County employees receive 12 days of sick leave, 10 holidays, and 2 days of personal leave per year. Annual leave days are initially earned at the rate of 13 days per year. The rate increases, for most positions, based on length of County service, to a maximum of 27 days annually.

Health Benefits: Employees in a regular position at least half-time are eligible for medical, dental, vision and life insurance for which Yakima County contributes according to bargaining agreement. Voluntary participation at the employee's expense is available for additional life insurance, accidental death & dismemberment (AD&D) insurance and long term disability insurance. Temporary employees are not eligible for benefits.

Health Benefits Summary for 2010

Health Benefits Summary for 2011 - Retirees

Health Benefits Summary for 2011 - Deputies

Deferred Compensation Plan: Employees may participate in a tax-sheltered plan sponsored by the county and may defer funds from their pay checks not to exceed an amount set each year by the Internal Revenue Service. Taxes on the deferred amount are not payable until the employee actually receives the income.