Wednesday, August 10, 2005 5:30 – 9:00 PM

Yakima County Courthouse, Room B-33

Meeting Objectives: 

·        Continue Yakama Nation Open Space Hearings

·        Study session for Plan 2015 Update Scope of Work

·        Discuss sequence for Columbia Ready-mix amendment

·        Review comments received on Draft CAO Wetland chapter

·        Clarify Roundtable Meeting Next Steps

I.                   Call to Order                           5:30 PM

II.                Old Business                           5:35 PM

·        Approve July 13, Roundtable Meeting Minutes

III.             New Business                                                                                                      

·        Reconvene Hearings for Yakama Nation Open Space applications              5:45 PM

ZON05-003 & ZON05-004

·        Discussion on sequencing for Columbia Ready-mix amendment             6:30 PM

·        Review public comments on new CAO Wetland chapter                             6:45 PM

·        Study session for Plan 2015 Update Scope of Work                                        8:15 PM   


IV.              Next Steps                             8:50 PM

·        August 31 Columbia Ready-mix Public Hearing

·        Review Roundtable Meeting Schedule

V.                 Adjourn                                 9:00 PM



WAC sections related to updating comprehensive plans

GMA Consistency Analysis for Plan 2015

Plan 2015 Update Scope of Work

Draft July 13, Roundtable Meeting Minutes

*CAO Draft Wetland Chapter Comments and Draft 2 will be sent in a separate mailing


(If you have questions, please contact Mike Kerins at 574-2253 or