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General Application for Construction
General Application for Land Use Actions

Accessory Apartment

Accessory Apartment

Administrative Adjustment

Administrative Adjustment

Ag Special Exception Lot

Ag Special Exception Lot

Aged and Infirmed- Temporary

Aged and Infirmed Temporary



Carport Permit

Carport Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Carport Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Carport Permit Package
Carport Submittal Checklist

Class I Zoning Review

Class I Development Assistance Brochure
Class I Review Handout Package
Class I Policy & Procedure
Class I Review Internal Checklist
Handout Class I Review Checklist

Critical Areas Ordinance

CAO Application
CAO Checklist
CAO Questionnaire

Deck Permit

Deck Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Deck Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Deck Permit Package
Uncovered Deck Submittal Checklist

Demolition Permit

Demolition Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Demolition Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Demolition Submittal Checklist
Demolition Permit Package

Early Assistance

Early Assistance Meeting Request
What Will An Early Assistance Meeting Do For Me

Farm Building

Farm Building Development Assistance Brochure
Farm Building Permit Package
Farm Building Submittal Checklist Instruction Sheet
Farm Building Submittal Checklist

Land Use Fee Schedule

Fees for Land Use Applications

Fence Permit

Fence Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Fence Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Fence Submittal Checklist
Fence Permit Package

Garage Permit

Garage Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Garage Permit Package
Garage Submittal Checklist Instruction Sheet
Garage-Storage Submittal Checklist

Grading Permit

Grading Development Assistance Brochure
Grading Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Grading Permit Supplemental Application
Grading Submittal Checklist
Grading Permit Package

Land Use Process

Land Use Process Diagram

Long Plat

Final Long Plat
Long Plat Prelim and Binding Site Plan

Major Home Occupation

Major Home Occupation

Manufactured Home Permit

Manufactured Home Permit Package
Manufactured Home Submittal Checklist
MHP Development Assistance Brochure
MHP Permit Submittal Checklist Instruction Sheet

Mechanical Permit

Mechanical Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Mechanical Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Mechanical Submittal Checklist
Mechanical Supplemental Application
Mechanical Permit Package

Minor Rezone

Minor Rezone



Narrative Form


Nonconforming Type II Use Application

Nonconforming Type II Use

Nonconforming Urban Use Application

Nonconforming Urban Use

Patio Cover Permit

Covered Patio Submittal Checklist
Patio Cover Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Patio Cover Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Patio Cover Permit Package

Permit Extension

Request For Building Permit Extension

Pool Permit

Swimming Pool Submittal Checklist
Supplemental Application
Development Assistance Brochure
Pool Permit Package (All the above items & General Application)

Resubmittal Request

Resubmittal Request

Plumbing Permit

Plumbing Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Plumbing Permit Intake Checklist Instruction Sheet
Plumbing Permit Supplemental Application
Plumbing Submittal Checklist
Plumbing Permit Package

Residential Addition Permit

Residential Addition Permit Intake Instruction Sheet
Residential Addition Example
Residential Addition Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Residential Addition Permit Intake Package
Residential Addition Submittal Checklist

Residential Alteration Permit

Residential Alteration Intake Checklist
Residential Alteration Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Residential Alteration Permit Intake Instruction Sheet
Residential Alteration Permit Package

Residential Building Permit

Assistance Handout
Intake Checklist
Residential Submittal Checklist
Residential Building Permit Package
Single Family Residential Checklist
Single Family Residential Permit Development Assistance Brochure
Single Family Residential Review Checklist
WSEC & VIAQ Residential Prescriptive Compliance Form


SEPA Application
SEPA Checklist
SEPA Submittal Checklist

Short Plat

Site Plan Minimum Requirements
Final Short Plat Checklist
Short Subdivison Short Plat

Site Plan Minimum Requirements and Supplementals

Commercial And Multi Family Industrial And Large Scale Agricultural Construction Supplemental
Excavation Or Grading Or Filling Supplemental
Flood Plain Or Critical Areas Supplemental
Propane Tanks Supplemental
Septic System Or Repair To Septic System Or Alteration To Septic System Or Existing System Evaluation Or Soil And Site Assessment Supplemental
Site Plan Minimum Requirements And All Supplemental
Site Plan Minimum Requirements
Urban Wild Land Risk Areas Supplemental


Frequently Asked Questions
Sample Site Plan
Short Subdivision Exemption Packet

Subdivision Variance

Subdivision Variance

Type I

Type I

Type I Resource Setback Reduction

Type I Resource Setback Reduction

Type 2 - Class 2

Type II - Class II

Type 2 Age Resource

Type 2 Agricultural Resource

Type 3 - Class 3

Type III - Class 3 Application


Application for Water or Waste Water Service
Temporary Water Use Permit

Zoning Variance

Zoning Variance Application