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Terrace Heights Landfill
7151 Roza Hill Drive
Mon-Fri, 7am-5pm
Sat-Sun, 9am-5pm

Lower Valley Transfer Station
1150 Luther Road
Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm
Sun, 12pm-5pm

Cheyene Landfill
4970 Cheyne Road
Mon-Sat, 9am-5pm
Sun, 12pm-5pm

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Yakima County Public Services
Solid Waste Division
7151 Roza Hill Drive
Yakima, WA 98901
(509) 574-2450

Wendy Mifflin, Manager

Commercial & Business Accounts

Criteria for establishing a commercial account with the Solid Waste Division is as follows:

For more information or to request an application on commercial and business accounts please contact The Solid Waste Division at 574-2450

Solid Waste Credit Account Application

Small Business Waste/Small Quantity Generators

You may have a business that is not normally associated with the production of hazardous waste. But if you take the time to inventory your business you may discover that you have quite a collection of paints, solvents, printing supplies or other familiar looking products. None of them can legally be put into the garbage dumpster or taken to the county landfill.