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Press Release

Sgt. Jerrold Towell
Ref: Mail Scam, Case # 11-15234

On 9-30-2011 a citizen report to the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office of a mail Scam. The Citizen reported that he had received a letter in the mail with a return address from Reccmox Realty Inc. with Canadian post mark.

The letter indicated that the citizen had won $150,000.00 from the Mega Lottery out of the United Kingdom, and all he needed to do was pay his taxes.  The letter went on the say that the citizen needed to call a phone number of 1-416-887-4415 and talk with his tax agent and then pay his taxes on his winning to the agent.

Follow up investigation is ongoing, but please remind the citizen of Yakima Valley to never send money to anyone expecting something in return.   


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