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SUBJECT: Hempfest Closure

SYNOPSIS: On October 6, 2011 William Smith completed an exhibit/event application for a Hempfest “Yardsale/Medical Marijuana Expo” event to be held at 721 Robinson Rd, Yakima County WA on October 15, 2011.  The Yakima County Sheriff’s Office promptly contacted the Drug Enforcement Administration to advise of the upcoming event and offer full cooperation and support if needed.
During the evening of 10-14-11 it was discovered by Yakima County officials the proper permits had not been secured by Smith, specifically the on-site Fire Code Inspection required to be scheduled with the Yakima County Fire Marshal’s Office.  Contact with Smith was attempted at that time but was unsuccessful.
On the morning of 10-15-11 at approximately 0800 hours, the Yakima County Sheriff’s Office contacted Smith at the event location.  It was confirmed via the paperwork and permit Smith had with him the on-site Fire Code Inspection had not occurred.   Smith was informed the event would have to be cancelled as Fire Code Inspections are not conducted on weekends.
Smith complied with the closure and instructed arriving individuals of the cancellation.

RELEASED BY:  Deputy Chad Peterschick

DATE/TIME: October, 15th 2011

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