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YSO Press Release

For Immediate Release

DATE: 11/17/2011

Contact: Sgt Randy Briscoe

Incident/Offense: Arrest Fugitives Incident #:

Date Occurred:11/17/2011 Time Occurred:1400 Location: 1100 Block S. 2ndth St

Narrative: Crime Stoppers works again!

On 11/16/2011, the Yakima County Violent Crimes Task force once again used valuable information received from an anonymous “Crime Stopper” tip to locate and arrest two felons. The VCTF received a Crime Stoppers tip saying that Eric J Harris, and Donna Dee Buckman, were at a location in the 1100 block of S. 2nd St, Yakima. Both had active DOC felony warrants. Donna is on DOC supervision for Possession of Controlled Substance. Eric is under supervision for Assault and a drug violation. Eric is a high violent offender who has a history of eluding Law Enforcement, resisting arrest, and assaults.

At the residence the Task Force officers contacted Donna who gave herself up without incident. Eric did not comply so quickly and locked himself in the basement then failed to comply with verbal commands to come out. The home owner, not wanting further involvement or problems, finally convinced Eric to come out of the basement before the officers kicked in the door. Both fugitives were booked into county jail without further problems.

The incident shows the effectiveness of the anonymous Crime Stoppers program and how the newly formed cooperation between the Violent Crimes Task Force and CS is benefitting the public.

Contact Yakima County Crime Stoppers 509-248-9980 / 1-800-248-9980

Investigating Agency: YSO

Prepared By: Sgt Randy Briscoe, VCTF Date: 11/18/2011 Time: 1200


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