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Search & Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported:         Mobile Command Vehicle

Incident Number:           “Media Event”

Date / Time:                   (Monday) 8-22-2011, @1000 Hrs

Location:                        Yakima Sheriff’s Office

Contact person:              Sgt. George Town                   Phone: 574-2535


On 8-22-2011 at 1000 hrs.  Sheriff Ken Irwin will officially place the Mobile Command Vehicle “IN-SERVICE.” 

This vehicle is a result of nearly 15 years of work.  All of this was done by the Volunteers of Yakima Search & Rescue.   A group of these volunteers designed this as a Custom built Radio communication and Command unit. 

The Money was raised by volunteers via grants from local business that in cludes; Legends Casino / Yakima Valley Credit Union / Pacific Power & Light / White Front Shop / DOT graphics & Advance Digital Imaging.  Additional fund raising by the SAR members and literally 100’s of citizens donating to SAR over the years were able to obtain the funds needed.

The total cost is approximately $ 250,000.

This vehicle will be ready to respond to Search & Rescue Missions as well as any other Emergency requests with-in Yakima County.

George Town
Search & Rescue Coordinator



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