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Press Release

Accident: Car
Location: 4030 Block of So Wenas Rd. Selah

Case: 11-13133 


Operator#1; Shaina Cox   18 yoa   West Valley. Yakima
Vehicle:       1996 Honda Accord
Injuries:        Numerous cuts and abrasion from broken glass.

Seat Belt use:  YES

Intoxicants:   NO



On 8/25/11 at about 2359 Hrs, Operator #1 was eastbound in the 4030 block of So Wenas Rd north of Selah.

Operator was travelling at a rate of speed well over the posted 50 MPH.

Driver came out of a posted 30 MPH curve and lost control of her car. The car skidded into the wrong lane and then back across the roadway, leaving the roadway. The front of the car struck a large metal pole which had a mail box attached to it. Once in the ditch, the car rolled several times coming to rest on its top in the roadway. The driver was able to climb out of the upside down car and walked to a residence right next to where the collision had occurred for assistance.

The driver was transported to Yakima regional hospital for treatment.

The driver sustained numerous cuts from flying glass.


The driver was wearing her seat belt.

No intoxicants involved.

Driver charged with negligent driving.

From the attached photo, it is evident why law enforcement and others strongly promote the use of seat belts. If the drive of this car had not been wearing her seatbelt, the outcome of this would incident would more than likely had a completely different ending.

Photo of the car after accident


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