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Press Release


Incident Reported:      Traffic Offense

Incident Number:        11-13027

Date / Time: 8-26-2011/1958 hours
Location:  Terrace Heights Drive and Norman Road

Contact person: Deputy Chris Gray   Phone: 574-2500


At about 1956 hours on 8/26/11 an individual was spotted driving his off road motorcycle in the 300 block of Terrace Heights Drive.  The suspect rode off at a high rate and used the Rosa Canal ditch road to get away.  The Deputy was unable to keep up with the vehicle and the suspect got away, initially.

Several hours later a 19 year-old male bragged about eluding two police officers in the Moxee area using the social network site Facebook.  Deputies were able to log onto the suspect’s page and noticed a photograph of the individual’s motorcycle that was strikingly similar to the one that eluded the Deputy hours earler.

The suspect was rousted out of bed at about 0400 hours the following morning with a search warrant in hand.  He verified that he was the individual riding the motorcycle and cooperated with the investigation one he was shown a print out of his Facebook page.

The suspect has been charged with Reckless Driving and other infractions.

Please be aware that there is little privacy in social networking.  Intelligent use of media is suggested.

Prepared by:  Deputy C. Gray #51 Date/Time:  2315 hrs 8-28-2011


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