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Press Release


Incident:                             Wanted Felon Arrested
Incident Location:           Bumping Lake area
Incident Date:                   9/17/2011
Incident Number:            11-14526 / 11-14515

On 9/16/11, two Colfax WA. men had been camping in the Bumping Lake area when their vehicle became disabled.  They managed to make their way to the ‘Whistlin’ Jack Lodge’ in an effort to seek help with his disabled vehicle, leaving their disabled vehicle on a sideroad.
At the Lodge, he met a man who called himself ‘Dan the Tattoo Man.’ They socialized in the lounge there for some time, and then ‘Dan’ agreed to drive them back to their car to try to repair it.  They were unable to repair the car, so they pushed it to a more accessible location, and then ‘Dan’ gave them a ride back to ‘Whistlin’ Jack’ and dropped them off.   While ‘Dan’ was driving them back and forth, he struck an Elk on the roadway, leaving distinctive damage to the vehicle.
During their conversations, ‘Dan’ had asked the car owner several questions about items that were in their car, including a pistol.  He also disclosed to them that he was a wanted felon listed on ‘Washington’s Most Wanted’ web-site.  They described Dan’s vehicle as a passenger car with Montana license plates.
After dropping the two men back at ‘Whistlin’ Jacks,’ ‘Dan’ then left again on his own.
The car owners returned to their car this morning, 9/17/2011, to retrieve it, and found that it had been broken into, vandalized, and their property, including the pistol, had been stolen.  They immediately suspected ‘Dan.’   They called YSO and reported the crime, and added that they suspected Johnson of committing the crime.  A YSO deputy took the report, but there was no information as to where ‘Dan’ may have gone to.
A short time later this morning, the Forrest Service received a report of a car stuck on a secluded side road in the Bumping Lake area.  The car was described as having Montana license plates, and a subsequent check revealed that the car was stolen out of Montana.  It was believed that this was the car ‘Dan’ had been driving.
YSO Deputies, assisted by a WSP Trooper, a USFS Law Enforcement Officer, and a WA. Fish and Wildlife Officer, responded to the area, to search for Johnson.  They were aware that he had multiple outstanding warrants, and had been in possession of firearms in the past, and was likely in possession of a stolen firearm today.  They also verified that he was indeed listed on ‘Washington’s Most Wanted’ as a wanted felon.  He was identified as Daniel Johnson.
While searching the remote area, the officers located the stuck stolen vehicle, with the distinct elk strike damage.  Almost immediately, they observed a male, matching the description of Johnson walking back toward the cars.  Upon seeing the officers, the male quickly stepped into the brush beside and then back out again.  He was ordered to the ground at gunpoint, and taken into custody without incident at that point.  He was positively identified as Daniel Keith. Johnson, 26 yrs old.  The stolen pistol from the first vehicle was located where Johnson had dropped in the bushes after observing the officers.  He told them that he had stepped off the roadway to drop the pistol when he saw the approaching officers.
The stolen Montana vehicle was recovered.  Johnson was booked into the Yakima County Jail on multiple outstanding felony warrants, possession of the stolen vehicle, theft of the firearm and property, and other charges.

Prepared by:  Sgt. Carl Hendrickson
                           Yakima County Sheriff’s Office


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