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Search & Rescue Press Release

Incident Reported: Missing Snowmobiler

Incident Number: C1204558

Date / Time: 4-6-2012 15:30 hrs

Location: Darland Mountain

Contact person:

Sgt. George Town Phone: 574-2535
RCC/ Mike Geerhart


Shortly after 10 P.M. Thursday night (4-5-2012) the Yakima County Search & Rescue received notification of an over due snowmobiler. The first stage of the search started immediately were it was determined the subject vehicle was still parked at the Ahtanum Sno-Park west of Tampico.

Once it was confirmed the subject was still up on the mountain, the Search & Rescue “Snow mobile rescue” Team was dispatched.

At fist light this morning the Search team headed up towards Darland Mt from the Ahtanum Sno-park.

The missing subject is Mr. Hayes; a 68 year old East Valley resident. Hayes though he is reported to be an “experienced” rider familiar with the area took off to ride by HIMSELF on Thursday and had not returned.

Additional teams are joining in the search along with friends and family.
The Mobile Command Post is set up with a base camp at the Sno-park.
As of 3:30 pm the subject has not yet been located and the search is continuing.

Sgt .George Town
Search & Rescue Coordinator

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