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Marine Patrol

Who We Are and What We Do

As a part of the Yakima County Sheriff's Office, this six member team is tasked with enforcing boating and wildlife ordinances and state laws as they apply to water ways in Yakima County. These Marine Deputies are required to attend the Marine Officers Academy, and where they are required to demonstrate knowledge of boating laws, and advanced boating skills. Part of our duties include conducting inspections and investigating accidents, complaints and concerns of the over 6,000 registered boat owners in Yakima County.

Yakima County has 288 miles of shoreline shared among the following waterways:

The equipment used to fulfill this task includes:

19' Almar Patrol Boat 19' Almar Patrol Boat - This vessel is used on the larger bodies of water within Yakima County. It is staffed with a crew of two and specializes in vessel towing, water rescue, night operations as well as operating in rough water conditions.

17' Almar Patrol Boat (jet)- This vessel is powered by a 150 HP Mercury Outboard Jet Pump. It is utilized in smaller bodies of waters such as rivers, small lakes, and waters where maneuverability is limited. It is staffed with a crew of two and has the same capabilities of the larger patrol boat. Patrol Boat

New Wave Runners Two (2) Wave Runners - These patrol watercrafts are used on all bodies of water within Yakima County. Wave Runners are our primary swift water rescue vessels and are often used during public events.


Can your boat pass the State Inspection? Print it out and do the inspection yourself.

Looking for a fun and informative way to teach kids about boating?  Deputy James Scott has Boating Education Fun Packets available.  Send a email asking for them.  Making sure to let him know how many you would like.

13th USCG District "Northwest Watch" program (Similar to a Neighborhood Watch Program) but this program solicits Water Front / Water View Home Owners to become a volunteer who may be called on to assist the USCG and local Law Enforcement Agencies in Search and Rescue Missions, Flare Sightings, Oil Spill Identification, and with many other Marine related missions.

If you have questions about the Yakima County Marine Patrol or would like a free boat inspection at your residence, please contact Reserve Sergeant James Scott