By: Deputy Steve Sutliff - Yakima County Sheriff's Office - Ken Irwin, Sheriff

  1. Map
  2. Compass / Signal Mirror / Signal Device (Whistle) (Hand Held Smoke Flare)
  3. First Aid Kit
  4. Flashlight w/ Extra Batteries
  5. Good Pocket Knife / Swiss Army or Multi-Tool
  6. Hatchet / Small Game Saw
  7. Waterproof Matches / Fire Starter Kit
  8. Extra Food / High Energy Bars
  9. Water / Personal Medications
  10. Shelter / Space Blanket / Water and Wind Barrier (Large Lawn or Leaf Bag)

Other Extras

  1. Cell Phone
  2. FRS Radio / w Weather Radio Option
  3. Fire Starter / Magnesium Fire Starter
  4. Small Hand Saw
  5. Smoke Flare / Signaling
  6. Extra Clothes (Avoid Cotton) Hat, Cap, Gloves/ Rain Gear
  7. Sun Screen and Sunglasses

Hunting Vehicle

  1. A small tool kit, with a pair of pliers, a phillips and straight screwdriver
  2. A hammer
  3. A pocket knife and some other small tools.
  4. A set of jumper cables
  5. Tire chains
  6. A small bag of sand or cat litter (this can be used both for weight in a rear wheel drive
    car and to place on a slick roadway to give you more traction)
  7. A blanket
  8. Some extra dry clothes (toss in a few jackets, gloves and hats that you no longer wear)
  9. A extra pair of boots and dry socks
  10. Bottled water, and some food (it is a better idea to keep the food in the trunk so that
    you are not tempted to eat it while driving). The food recommendations are high energy nutrition bars, munchie type foods, and anything else that will keep and not freeze.
  11. A first aid kit
  12. A flashlight with a set of extra batteries
  13. Matches in a airtight container
  14. Reading material
  15. Something brightly colored that can be used for flagging
  16. A small shovel.
  17. A small broom for snow removal
  18. A heavy duty ice scraper should be carried in the front of the car where they will be
    easy to get at.

Pay attention to the Weather / Can change in a matter of minutes in the Mtns.