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Información tocante Consejo Legal en las Cortes



If you have an order which grants another person visitation, the relocation statute is applicable. (RCW 26.09.430-480) If the person with whom the child resides a majority of the time plans to move, that person shall give notice to every person entitled to court ordered time with the child. This applies when relocating out of the school district, county or state.

The Notice must be filed in room 323 of the courthouse. Currently, the court does not have a book for this action. The filing fee is $56.00.

If you need assistance with forms, you may contact the Facilitator by calling
(509) 574-2695.


1. Do I need a case number?
Yes. You must have an existing case number in Yakima County which refers to your Parenting Plan. If you don’t know your case number, you may contact the Clerk’s Office by calling (509) 574-1430.

2. Do I need an attorney?
You are not required to have an attorney and you may represent yourself. You may also hire an attorney at any time.

3. How far in advance do I have to file for relocation?
You should file your Notice at least 60 days in advance of the intended move. However, there are exceptions if it is not possible to give this much notice.

4. Can I move after I file the Notice?
No. You may not move the child’s residence until the court signs an order giving you permission to do so.

5. What if the other parent agrees to the move?
You may have them sign the appropriate orders and the Judge can review them. This simplifies the process.

6. What if the other parent does not agree to the move?
You may go to trial. The Judge will decide if the proposed move should be allowed.

7. What if the other parent already moved without giving me notice?
You may be able to file for Contempt.

8. If I was served with Notice, how do I object?
You may purchase and file an Objection to Relocation in room 323. You must do this within 30 days of service. You should also mail a copy to the other party.

9. Do I have to go to court?
Yes. You may go to trial if your case is contested.